The Secret Life of Bees

What happens on Mary's day? What is the ceremony concerning this day? ch 11

secret life

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The women explain to Lily that they are baking to celebrate Mary Day, the day that Mary rose up to heaven. The day serves as a remembrance day for Our Lady, and May named it Mary Day. Much work is required for the preparation of Mary Day: decoration, food, and of course the chaining of Mary. They have begun to decorate when Neil shows up at the door, asking for a word with June. Once again, Neil asks June to marry him, and this time June says yes. June and Neil leave immediately to go pick out a ring. August, Rosaleen, and Lily bubble over with excitement. As they prepare for the celebration, Lily is fascinated by seeing Zach mowing the lawn shirtless, even though she tries not to look.

June returns in the evening with her engagement ring, and everyone compliments its beauty. The Daughters come over to the house, and they feast.