The Secret Life of Bees

To redeem means to save from sin or to make free from. How is Lily redeemed at the end of the book? Does anyone else gain redemption? How is it a religious experience? How is it not?

Secret Life of Bees

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Lily's redemption comes with her ability to understand motherhood and to be able to free herself from her emotions.

Lily frees herself from her emotions when she destroys the honey house. It is the final outburst of the emotions she has been carrying with her throughout the novel. She felt rage, sadness, confusion, and loss all along, but once she learned the whole truth from August, all of these feelings come to a boil. Throughout the novel, it is clear that besides writing, Lily has very little outlet for her emotions. Therefore, it is fitting that she lets them all out in a completely destructive and arbitrary manner. Ironically, in the process of destroying the honey house, she is crushing what she loves in order to express her feelings.

At the end of the novel, Lily truly has an understanding for motherhood. Though she still feels grief over killing her mother, she is reassured that Deborah loved her. Additionally, she has found eight new mothers to care for her and love her with overwhelming passion, kindness, and deep love.