The Secret Life of Bees

the secret life of bees questions

  1. When Lily sees her mother in paradise, how will the two of them spend their time?

  2. What is Lily’s mother’s scent and where does Lily finally find it?

  3. What color is Lily’s hair and whose is it like?

  4. Lily doesn’t like much about herself physically. What feature does she like?

  5. Why couldn’t Lily go to charm school? Why couldn’t Rosaleen go with her?

  6. Who tells Lily that she has the ability to be a writer or professor?

  7. How does the minister react to seeing Rosaleen in his church?

  8. Why does Rosaleen react to the men the way she does?

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When Lily sees her mother in paradise, her mother will brush her hair, tell her she's not to blame for her death (for ten-thousand years), and kiss her til her skin is chapped. She would share the miseries of living with TJ. These are the things she would do with her mother in paradise.

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The Secret Life of Bees