The Secret Life of Bees

Secret Life Of Bees Questions

1: What is Lily trying to decide based on seeing the crop duster flying over the crops in Tiburon? 
2:What is significant about the connection Lily makes between May and Our Lady? 
3:What is the metaphor expressed by both Lily and Zach from her terrible experience? 
4:Why did Lily become the wall keeper?

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Lily is depicted as a very thoughtful and introspective girl throughout the novel, and in this section her depth of thought is shown through her creation and interpretation of metaphors in the world around her. For example, when Lily takes nine steps and looks up for a sign, she is confused about which part of the scene above her represents her. She could either be the rescued plants, the murdered bugs, or the airplane. All in all, she is trying to come up with a plan for what to she and Rosaline should do next in her journey to find someone who knew her mother. 

Please ask your questions separately.