The Secret Life of Bees

read the first 3 paragraph of the book and analyze

The secret life of bees

Chapter 1

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The book opens in the summer of 1964 with Lily Owens, age fourteen, lying in bed watching bees fly into her room. She recalls her mother’s death, which occurred when Lily was four years old. She alludes to some sort of accident and thinks that it was not Lily’s fault. In her mother’s absence, Lily has lived with her disgruntled father, T. Ray Owens. He is abusive and cold, and Lily does her best to avoid him.


At the beginning of the book, the parallels between humans and bees begin. The first link is established between bees and Lily’s mother, Deborah. The name “Deborah” is a translation from the Hebrew for “bee.” In addition, Lily interprets the swarms of bees that enter her room to be signs that come directly from her mother. Along with the bees come words of advice and comfort from an unknown voice.