The Secret Life of Bees

In chapter one, What does lily want for her 14th birthday?what does she end up doing instead? How does her birthday end up?

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Lily’s birthday is approaching, and she is thinking about how to delicately approach the topic with T. Ray. Every year, she hopes that T. Ray will acknowledge her birthday with a special gift—perhaps a silver charm bracelet—but he never does. When Lily mentions the bracelet, she is ignored. That night, Lily goes to the backyard to dig up her mother’s belongings, and she falls asleep in the orchard. She is awakened by T. Ray running through the trees looking for her. He accuses her of being out in the backyard with someone, and he punishes her with kneeling on grits, a painful punishment she has been enduring since she was six. She is left with small welts all over her knees. Up until that point, Lily thought that maybe T. Ray loved her a bit, but afterwards she feels convinced that he does not.


After Lily tells Rosalina all the things that they teach at charm school what does Rosalene ask