The Secret Life of Bees

How does Lily describe Zach? What are Lily's thoughts about him? How do you know? Chapter 7

Secret life of bees

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When Zach arrives, he is surprised that Lily is white, and Lily is surprised that she finds Zach to be handsome. After speaking to Zach for a few minutes, Lily realizes that they will become friends. As Lily grows in fondness for Zach, and her concept of the divisions between races is more seriously questioned. She finds him attractive, and she does not know what to do about her feelings. The reader can see Lily being characterized more as a young woman than as a child in this relationship. Lily begins to flirt, and she becomes fascinated with Zach’s tiny details. For his part, Zach understands race relations in his town well enough to know that he is better off not trying to start a relationship with a young white woman.