The Secret Life of Bees

Describe how Lily's frienship with Zach is growing.

In Chapter Seven

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Zach visits on occasion, and seeing him causes Lily’s stomach to turn circles. Lily tells him that she considers him a friend, a boyfriend, a beekeeper, and a brother. She tells him what would happen if she were black, but Zach replies that there is no use in that kind of speculation. Instead they have to think about changing the world. Lily discovers something in him that has grown angry, and he fills his mind with complex race-relation issues. Lily wishes they could return back to the simple conversations they had before.


I would say lily and zachs relationship is very rare. back in their time no white girl would ever even think about dating or being with a black boy; no matter what! it was like a rule because of segregation. lily is very attracted to zachs looks and personality which makes her very special. she sees past the color of his skin and sees just a regular boy who has dreams. i think their view on life drew them together because they both want to see the future and neither of them agree with what is going on right now in their time. i did root for them because i think it would be perfect to see them together and makign a difference in how people can see past the color of peoples skin! i like that they dont care what other people think and i hope they can stay together!