The Secret Garden

describe the transportation that mary took to misselthwaite manor from the train station

the 2nd chapter where it begines from "she slept a long time,and when she awakened Mrs. medlock had brought lunch ..." till 'eh, i'm glad to see that bit o' light twinkling ", she exclaimed . "its the light in the lodge window .we shall get a god cup of tea
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She took a train there.

Mary sat in her corner of the railway carriage and looked plain and fretful. She had nothing to read or to look at, and she had folded her thin little black-gloved hands in her lap. Her black dress made her look yellower than ever, and her limp light hair straggled from under her black crepe hat.

Mary and Mrs. Medlock take a brougham, which is a small closed carriage, driven by horses, to go from the train station to Misselthwaite Manor, crossing the moor. "The carriage is waiting outside for thee" (p.25) "At last the horses began to go more slowly, as if they were climbing up-hill"


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