The Scarlet Pimpernel

Discuss how Marguerite convinces Sir Andrew to accompany her to France? Wha tis the primary conflict? How is the conflict resolved?

How does Jellyband misinterpret Marguerite's arrival at the Fisherman's Rest with Sir Andrew? What is Marguerite's reactions to such thinking?

Where is it that Marguerite and Sir Andrew wish to travel and why is their voyage delayed?

How do the appearance and manners of the French commoners on the streets and in the inn add to the sense of danger Marguerite feels for Sir Percy?

For whom is Brogard preparing dinner?

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1) Marguerite is able to convince Sir Andrew to accompnay her because she trusts him and tells him the truth.

2) Jellyband is upset because he misunderstands the reason Marguirite and Sir Andrew are traveling together- he suspacts an affair.

3) They're traveling to Calais, and they are delayed by a storm.

4) The commoners have gone crazy- there is no morality and danger lurks around every corner. Murder and pillage run rampant, and no one from the nobility is safe.

5) Percy


The Scarlet Pimpernel