The Scarlet Pimpernel

Chpt 30: #3. describe what happens to Marguerite and the Jew.

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When the Chauvelin realizes that the Jew has been left unpunished. He tells his soldiers to bring the Jew.

He tells the Jew that the deal they made was clear -- and that not only did his horse fail to overtake Percy's, but that now even the fugitives have gone free. He orders his soldiers to beat the Jew mercilessly, which they do while Chauvelin watches and Marguerite lays unconscious.

Later, Marguerite awakes to hear the beaten Jew cursing -- in a clearly British accent. She runs to him to find that the Jew is indeed Percy in disguise. She frees him, they rejoice over his cunning, impenetrable scheme, and indeed, as the final part of his plan, Sir Andrew arrives, having followed his orders, to take them both to the returning boat, which soon sets sail for their home in England.