The Scarlet Pimpernel

Chpt 26: #1. Discuss the roles of the two Jews.


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The soldiers tell Chauvelin that they found out Percy had talked to a Jew named Reuben about borrowing his horse and cart later that night to go down the St. Martin road. Chauvelin demands that they find Reuben, but they can't find him and instead bring a fellow old Jew who claims to be a friend of his.

The Jew says that he can lend the soldiers his horse and cart and they will go to Pere Blanchard's hut, where Percy is to supposed to end his ride on Reuben's horse. The Jew claims that the horse that Percy took is a miserable nag who can't move at more than a snail's place. Since the Jew claims his horse is faster than Reuben's, he said Chauvelin will either catch up with Percy or get to the Pere Blanchard hut before Percy gets there.

Chauvelin decides to trust the Jew, but makes a very clear deal. If they catch up with Percy, he will offer the Jew a monetary reward. But if they do not, he will make sure that the Jew is beaten mercilessly, even to death. The arrangement is confirmed and the Jew provides his nag to help the soldiers catch up with Percy.

Lady Blakeney leaves her hiding spot and eavesdrops as soldiers tell Chauvelin that Percy has not been found along the road to Pere Blanchard's hut. Chauvelin tells them not to attack Percy until they find the other fugitives that he is rescuing as well. All of them arrive at the hut, and Chauvelin decides to take the old Jew with him so that he doesn't make noise and mistakenly warn the Scarlet Pimpernel that he is walking into a trap.