The Scarlet Letter

Who displayed more strength of character during th eforest meeting, Hester or Dimmesdale? Give evidence.

ch. 19-21

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Hester dispalys more stength of character.

I'd say Dimmesdale. Although Hester joins him, Dimmesdale finally comes clean. He unburdens his soul. The poison that has been plaguing his soul is purged in the face of the town and God.

Sorry...... my keys are sticking..... and Aslan and I definitely have a difference of opinion. Hester also comes clean, admitting to Dimmesdale that Chillingworth is her husband. Dimmesdale has a diffcult time with that revelation. That confessions are made long before the three can leave together is truly sad, but Hester has the chance to cast off the letter and she embraces it, while Dimmesdale, as Aslan has already says steps up and publicly takes responsibility for himself. I think they've both come a long way. Heaster, as a person, and Dimmesdale as a man.