The Scarlet Letter

Who defended Hester and how did he do it? What was the result of his defense?

Ch. 8:The Elf-Child and the Minister

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Dimmesdale defended Hester, and he did so by explaining the "gift" that Pearl and all children are from God. He stands behind Hester, and proclaims her fit to mother the child and to raise her with religion. The result, they decide to leave Pearl with Hester, but decide that they must monitor bother her religious and scholastic education.

“So he has,” answered the magistrate. “He’s convinced me that we should leave things as they are, at least as long as the woman causes no further scandals. Even so, we must take care to give the child a proper religious education, whether at your hands or at Master Dimmesdale’s. And when she is old enough, the leaders of our congregation must see that she goes to both school and church.”


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