The Scarlet Letter

In Chapters 5-8, what might Hawthorne be suggesting about the puritan community that surronds and condemns Hester?

Preferably in chapter 6 if any.

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In Chapter six, as Hester tries to tell Pearl that she (Pearl) was sent from God, she hesitates, Thy Heavenly Father sent thee!" There is a pause in Hester's reply and Pearl catches it. Hester remembers that some of the townspeople have noticed that Pearl is different. They see her as headstrong and disobedient. Not knowing the paternity of Pearl drives them crazy so they attribute Pearls traits to Pearl being the offspring of demons. I think Hawthorne is suggesting that the Puritans are complete and utter idiots. Okay, that's what I think. Hawthorne is suggesting that many of the Puritans are sanctimonious gossips. Their statements are born out of hatred, and perhaps envy, of anything different. Humiliating Hester and her daughter had become something of an entertaining sport for these villagers. The subtext is that Pearl is actually a free spirit full and that she was born from two people that were closer to God and real love than anybody else in the village. Unfortunately Hester, for much of the book, gives these people some credence.