The Scarlet Letter

hi evry body i wanna ask a question "how roger chillingworth know that arthur demisdale is a siner?"

i read all the book and the thing tahd i didn't understand is that hester prynne didn't tell roger that the father of pearl is demesdale,so,who told him?

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Chillingworth has always had his suspicions about Dimmesdale. Part of the reason Chillingworth "befriends" Dimmesdale is to find out the truth about Hester's infidelity. There is also the idea that Chillingworth simply enjoys watching a devout man of the cloth self-destruct. Chillingworth knows that everybody is a "sinner" including himself. It is interesting that when Dimmesdale mounts the scaffold to confess his sins, Chillingworth does not want him to do it. He knows the confession would break the creepy hold he has over Dimmesdale.