The Scarlet Letter

As Heaster Emerged from the prision, what action revealed her forcefulness of character? was this demeanor appropriate?

it's from The Scarlet Letter

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Hester emerges from the prison with elegance and a ladylike air to her movements. She clutches her three month old daughter, Pearl. She has sown a large scarlet A over her breast, using her finest skill to make the badge of shame appear to be a decoration. Several of the women are outraged when they see how she has chosen to display the letter, and they want to rip it off.

Hester is led through the crowd to the scaffold of the pillory. She ascends the stairs and stands, now fully revealed to the crowd, in her position of shame and punishment for the next few hours. Hawthorne compares her beauty and elegance while on the scaffold to an image of Madonna and Child, or Divine Maternity. Hester shows a sense of pride, choosing to display her badge of shame almost as it was a badge of honour. She refuses to hide it with her baby which she considers pure. Many people in the village find this offensive.

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