The Scarlet Letter

After Dimmesdale answers the doctor's request that he "lay open...the wound or trouble in his soul," what does Dimmesdale do?

Reading Guide chapters 9-12

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From the text;

"No!--not to thee!--not to an earthly physician!" cried Mr. Dimmesdale, passionately, and turning his eyes, full and bright, and with a kind of fierceness, on old Roger Chillingworth. "Not to thee! But, if it be the soul's disease, then do I commit myself to the one Physician of the soul! He, if it stand with his good pleasure, can cure; or he can kill! Let him do with me as, in his justice and wisdom, he shall see good. But who art thou, that meddlest in this matter?--that dares thrust himself between the sufferer and his God?"

With a frantic gesture, he rushed out of the room."


The Scarlet Letter/ Chapter 10