The Road

The road how the differences of the father and the son's characteristics highlight the tone of the book or what is the significance of this

can you analyse why the writer make their chracteristics so different?

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I really think this book is a masterpiece. McCarthy uses a post apocalyptic horror story to weave a tender and quiet relationship between a father and son. Much of the book focuses on the humanity the world has lost: If there is no humanity, does the world deserve to live? The only tenderness left seems to be between the boy and the man. They love each other and the violent apathy born out of the apocalypse has not infected everyone. Father and son are the lone "good guys" left. They exist in a sea of violence during the earth's last gasps of breath. They are the Biblical "light in the darkness" which the darkness has yet to overcome. They soften the tone in an otherwise cold and hopeless situation.