The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

write a note on the use of supernatural element in the poem the rime of ancient mariner

About supernatural element like odd numberr

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THe natural wold always figure prominently with the Romantic Poets and "The Ancient Mariner" certainly is no exception. Consider the following:

-Coleridge creates a spirit called "the Polar Spirit" that follows the embattled ship raining and storming over it after the Mariner foolishly kills the albatross. This spirit, whether God or a pagan one, dominates the physical world in order to punish and inspire reverence in the Ancient Mariner.

-When the dead men come alive to curse the Ancient Mariner with their eyes, things that are natural-their corpses-are inhabited by a powerful spirit. We aren't sure if this is the same spirit that causes the whether havoc but it is certainly linked with the natural world.

- Odd numbers were generally thought a bad omen. They might have been interpreted the harbinger of bad luck.