The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

what do you think albatross represents and how that fits into mariner's unthinking destruction of the albatross that dooms the crew

express what you personally think albatross represents

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THe albatross was supposed to be the sailors' friend, a good omen if you will. It would guide the sailors to calmer waters. The albatross represents one end of nature's spectrum and the slimy creatures represent the other end of its spectrum. And it is not until the mariner is able to value the lowest form of creation, that he is able to restore his connection to nature and once again place himself in relation to the world outside his own. THe destruction of the albatross

would seem directly related to the destruction of the ship. There is, however, the chance of redemption.

Since the albatross falls from the mariners neck, we expect his sins to have been absolves. But the ancient mariners experience does not end there. Further expiation is necessary. If the first aspect to be expiated is the mariner's crime against nature, against innocence (killing of the albatross), perhaps the second aspect is his sin against humanity, his implication of the other mariners in his guilt.