The Republic

How can Socrates find true social justice in his ideal city? What does he expect from true justice, and why does he think his city can uphold it?

Also how is this social justice also good for each citzens search for indivisual justice and why would it be good for each citizen to obey this political system?

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One part of the political system focuses on specialization, the idea that each person would perform that "job" for which he is most suited.  He would then stick to that job and that would satisfy him and thus keep structural order.  Once this specialization occurs, there will be classes in the city and each class will do what it needs to do to make the city run smoothly:  warriors, rulers, and producers will keep the city functioning smoothly.  Rulers will make the rules, warriors will carry out the rulers' commands, and producers will only figure out how their production helps the city. Socrates believes that if the city is set up this way, it will be a just city.