The Remains of the Day

According to Stevens Recollection , How does he perceive Mr Lewis?Why does he compare his impression with that of Lord Darlington

It is possible this is a case of hindsight colouring my memory, but I have a distinct feeling that it was at that moment I first sensed something odd, something duplicitous perhaps, about this apparently charming American gentleman. But if my own suspicions were aroused at that moment, Lord Darlington evidently did not share them (90).


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Based on the quote, he perceives Mr. Lewis as "duplicitous" which means he could be a liar or have some sort of devious personality quirk.  The fact that he is "apparently charming" reinforces this idea.  Lord Darlington - someone upper class simply by the designation of Lord - does not have the same feeling as Stevens does.  Since this is a retrospect memory, Stevens may not be remembering it as clearly as he might.