The Red Badge of Courage

Who are the other enemies that fuel Henry's rage?

(the ones he reserves for his "greater hatred")

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Henry reserved his "greater hatred" for the cold officer and those who called the men mule drivers.

"A dagger-pointed gaze from without his black-ened face was held toward the enemy, but his greater hatred was riveted upon the man, who, not knowing him, had called him a mule driver. When he knew that he and his comrades had failed to do anything in successful ways that might bring the little pangs of a

kind of remorse upon the officer, the youth allowed the rage of the baf-fled to possess him. This cold officer upon a monument, who dropped epithets unconcernedly down, would be finer as a dead man, he thought. So grievous did he think it that he could never possess the secret right to taunt truly in answer. He had pictured red letters of curious revenge. “We ARE mule drivers, are we?” And now he was compelled to throw them away."


The Red Badge of Courage

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