The Red Badge of Courage

what news broght the tall soldier to his comarades after going to the brook to wash his shirt

chapter 1 to 6

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He heard that they were going to engage in combat with the enemy. Check out this quote from chapter one,

Once a certain tall soldier developed virtues and went resolutely to wash a shirt. He came flying back from a brook waving his garment bannerlike. He was swelled with a tale he had heard from a reliable friend, who had heard it from a truthful cavalryman, who had heard it from his trustworthy brother, one of the orderlies at division headquarters. He adopted the important air of a herald in red and gold.

"We're goin' t' move t'morrah--sure," he said pompously to a group in the company street. "We're goin' 'way up the river, cut across, an' come around in behint 'em."