The Red Badge of Courage

What do the Loud Soldier and Henry argue about?

Chapter 2

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The loud soldier, who we learn is named Wilson, come up to Henry, spouting exciting, confident statements about the upcoming battle. "We'll lick Œem good!" he repeats. His joy at the upcoming battle irritates Henry, who says, bitterly, that Wilson must think he will do great things. Wilson replies that he does not know if he will do great things, but he will fight "like thunder." Henry then challenges Wilson, saying that he may well run when the battle comes, and that he is not the bravest person in the world. Wilson replies coolly that he never said he was, just that he will give his share of the fighting. Then he tells Henry he talks "as if you thought you was Napoleon Bonaparte." Henry goes in his tent and hears the sound of card games outside. Exhausted from his ruminating, he falls asleep.