The Red Badge of Courage

The corporal's words indicated what? A) that Wilson's letters weren't lost after all B) that more wayward men, or deserters, were returning to the regiment C) that the witche's prophecy was all wrong D) that their maps were good enough

chapter 13

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Answer B- more wayward men or deserters were returning. I'm not quite sure I would have used this wording for the returning men..... but based on the quote below, B is the answer.

"Another figure at that moment loomed in the gloom. They could see that it was the corporal. "Who yeh talkin' to, Wilson?" he demanded. His voice was anger- toned. "Who yeh talkin' to? Yeh th' derndest sentinel--why--hello, Henry, you here? Why, I thought you was dead four hours ago! Great Jerusalem, they keep turnin' up every ten minutes or so! We thought we'd lost forty-two men by straight count, but if they keep on a-comin' this way, we'll git th' comp'ny all back by mornin' yit. Where was yeh?"


The Red Badge of Courage/ Chapter 13