The Red Badge of Courage

In what terms does the youth express the horror he is feeling about battle?

chapter 12

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The youth's legs turn to jelly when the rifle hits him. He falls to the ground and crawls around on his hands and knees. He is fighting with his body to stand. When he does, he touches his head. His wound is painful and bleeding.

The artillery of the army begins to gather facing the front. Officers are trying to contain the fleeing troops, and a squadron of cavalry rides into the fray as well. Various elements of the army are thrown together in a mass.

As the youth leaves, the cannons suddenly roar, followed by an answer from enemy infantry. Orange light of sunset bathes the scene. He hurries on in the dark. He hears men babbling as he passes them. His wound hurts much less, but his head feels swollen. He goes along, tired, thinking of old scenes from home.