The Red Badge of Courage

in ch.12, how did Henry get hurt? Does he seem badly hurt? Who "rescues" Henry?

In ch.. 12

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A man who seems in mass confusion and panic runs into Henry. Henry and screams incoherent stuff,

The man screamed: "Let go me! Let go me!" His face was livid and his eyes were rolling uncontrolled. He was heaving and panting. He still grasped his rifle, perhaps having forgotten to release his hold upon it. He tugged frantically, and the youth being compelled to lean forward was dragged several paces...

"Why--why--" stuttered the youth.

"Well, then!" bawled the man in a lurid rage. He adroitly and fiercely swung his rifle. It crushed upon the youth's head. The man ran on."

Henry is finally helped by another more seasoned soldier who guides Henry back to his camp fire,

"The owner of the cheery voice took him firmly by the arm. "Well," he said, with a round laugh, "I'm goin' your way. "Th' hull gang is goin' your way. An' I guess I kin give yeh a lift." They began to walk like a drunken man and his friend."