The Red Badge of Courage

I need quality questions and page numbers for 'The Red Badge of Courage' chapters 5-12

Compare (how two things are alike: P.g( )

Contrast (how things differ) P.g( )

Describe (in detail) P.g ( )

Why (explain why...) P.g ( )

Give examples (of) P.g ( )

How do you know (how do you know if/that) P.g ( )

What does it mean when? P.g ( )

Opinion-Explain (Explain why or if you think...) P.g ( )

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We can't do this whole assignment for you. I suggest taking a close look at the GradeSaver summary. I'm not kidding. Just go through various chapter summaries and find what you need. Then go to your book and match the page numbers. There are so many copies of this book that I doubt page numbers are the same from publication to publication.