The Red Badge of Courage

Compare and contrast the characters of Jim Conklin, Wilson, and the tattered man. How are they similar and how are they different?


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All of these guys are in the same war and must experience the same fears and hardships. Jim Conklin is also called"the tall soldier," a friend of Henry's from home. Confident, he converses and argues with Wilson before the first battle begins. During his journeys after deserting, Henry encounters Jim in a procession of wounded soldiers. Gravely wounded, Jim appears to him as "the spectral soldier." Henry watches him die, unable to help his friend. The tattered man is one of the wounded soldiers. He tries to chat with Henry about the battle and about Henry's wounds. Unlike Wilson, the tattered soldier is needy. His questions make Henry so upset and guilty that he runs away from him, leaving the tattered man stumbling in a field. Wilson becomes closer to Henry than the other two men. begins the book headstrong and proud but through battle gains tranquility and wisdom. At first he is referred to as "the loud soldier" for his brashness, and then as "the friend" when he becomes close with Henry. He takes excellent care of Henry when he returns to the regiment and fights bravely in battle the next day. He captures the enemy's flag at the end of the novel.