The Red Badge of Courage

According to Henry what "lesson" has he learned from the events of the previous day? What does this "lesson" mean for Henry? ( Chapter 14 - 16 )

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From the text:

The lessons of yesterday had been that retribution was a laggard and blind. With these facts before him he did not deem it necessary that he should become feverish over the possibilities of the ensuing twenty-four hours. He could leave much to chance. Besides, a faith in himself had secretly blossomed. There was a little flower of confidence growing within him. He was now a man of experience. He had been out among the dragons, he said, and he assured himself that they were not so hideous as he had imagined them. Also, they were inaccurate; they did not sting with precision. A stout heart often defied, and defying, escaped.

In his mind:

And, furthermore, how could they kill him who was the chosen of gods and doomed to greatness?


The Red Badge of Courage