The Pearl

why cause kino's reaction at the end of the chapter? what could he possibly be thinking after all that has happened?

Chapter 2. initiating event- song of the pearl that might be/ song of the undersea

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Kino is howling; his child is healing, and he holds great fortune within his hand. These are screams of joy.

"Instinctively Juana went to Coyotito where he lay on his father's blanket. She lifted the poultice of seaweed and looked at the shoulder.

"Kino," she cried shrilly.

He looked past his pearl, and he saw that the swelling was going out of

the baby's shoulder, the poison was receding from its body. Then Kino's

fist closed over the pearl and his emotion broke over him. He put back

his head and howled. His eyes rolled up and he screamed and his body

was rigid. The men in the other canoes looked up, startled, and then

they dug their paddles into the sea and raced toward Kino's canoe."


The Pearl