The Pearl

what three major events in chapter 5 of the pearl make kino seem like an outsider?

please incluse details from chapter 5 only. thank you for the help!

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Kino's wife attempts to throw the pearl back into the ocean.

Kino is accosted on the beach by robbers trying to take the pearl.

Kino and Juana are forced to flee because Kino killed one of the men who accosted him.

Kino goes home to find is house torn apart and partially burned.

Juan Thomas is afraid to afford Kino protection for the night.

Kino sees Juana go outside and assumes she is stealing the pearl. She does find the pearl on the path and returns it to him, reminding him there is a problem since he has killed a man.

Kino sees that his house is on fire; he and Juana had already planned to leave, but now they know they must immediately.

Kino goes to his brother Juan Tomas and gathers supplies to run away. Juan Tomas helps him and tries to convince the other villagers that Kino and Juana have fled to the South.