The Pearl

What meaning do you find in the final statements (at the end of the book) about the Song of the Family and the music of the pearl?

I don't fully understand this question. Can someone help me?

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The final statement of the story is, And the music of the pearl drifted to a whisper and disappeared. Music represents many emotions throughout the story. There is the warm content feeling of the Song of the Family. Where there is trickery or danger, Kino hears the Song of Evil. The pearl represented many songs that Kino had difficulty processing. Initially, while searching for the pearl, he heard the The Song of the Pearl That Might Be."Once this song is realized, the pearl becomes something much more sinister. Juana knew that the pearl brought out the evil in men's hearts. Initially Kino heard hope and promise: even greed. Whatever music Kino heard from the pearl, it disappeared when he threw it back into the ocean. By the end of the story kino, holding his dead baby, heard only the silence of suffering.