The Pearl

The native community functions throughout the story as a group, they come running when they hear Coyotito crying, and they all accompany the family to the doctor. The white townspeople are quite different. Can you cite a few examples of how the

cont.. Townspeople are more isolated and explain the significance?

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The town is a mixture of the colonial (European) and Indigenous. It reacts to specific situations rooted in centuries of culture both imposed and organic. Matters of money, like the pear, l mean far more than just wealth. Tribal identity, racism and a host of other variables come into play. Steinbeck portrays the town a powerful unit, full of men who work together to suppress the deviant elements in their midst. Kino finding the Pearl triggers a nerve throughout the town. In fact everything Kino does triggers a nerve in the town from trying to sell to speculators to walking to the city. The town seems to react as one organism to KIno's fate and destiny.