The Pearl

in the la paz society, women are seen as inferior. Discuss how juana proves this to be untrue.

give example from the novella she used.

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Juana is more practical than Kino. She sees past the dazzle of the diamond. Juana is grounded and she really sees what they stand to lose over this "treasure" that Kino finds. Although loyal and submissive Juana has an inner strength that Kino can see and feel. She is reluctant to leave all that they know in search of, what she thinks, is the illusion of quick wealth. She balances Kino's enthusiasm to completely transform their lives. Juana comes to symbolize the limitations, even the evils of money (the diamond). She reminds Kino, and us, that newfound wealth comes with a price.

I guess you needed an example. At one point Juana tries to toss the Pearl into the sea. It has brought nothing but evil. Her action earns her a beating from Kino. This, however, shows her strength and conviction.