The Pearl

How do we know that Kino is suspicious of both the priest and the doctor?

how do we know that kino is suspicious of both the priest and the doctor?

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When the priest visits, Kino hears the music of evil, but he cannot immediately tell where it is coming from. The priest reminds Kino he should give thanks (meaning alms), but even after Juana tells the priest they will be married, her husband still hears the evil song in his ears.

When the doctor arrived, Kino felt hatred..... the man who would not help him the day before was lying about coming that morning to check on Coyotito. But the doctors words frightened Kino, and he allowed the man to see his son because he was more educated..... because he wouldn't take a chance with his son's life. When the doctor said that he would return in an hour.... Kino hid the pearl.


The Pearl