The Pearl

How did the mood and setting if when Kino's family leave the town reinforce or make the story better?

Book: the pearl, author: John Steinbeck

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The mood and the setting reinforce Kino and Juana's predicament and make the reader realize the danger and desperation of the main characters. The setting also foreshadows events to come.

"Now the darkness was closing in on his family; now the evil music filled the night, hung over the mangroves, swirled in the wave beat. The canoe of his grandfather, plastered over and over, had a splintered hole broken in it. This was an evil beyond thinking."

"He saw a little glow ahead of him, and then without interval a tall flame leaped up in the dark with a crackling roar, and a tall edifice of fire lighted the pathway. Kino broke into a run; it was his brush house, he knew. And he knew that these houses could burn down in a very few moments."


The Pearl/ Chapter Five