The Pearl

Do you agree with Juana's assessment that men are "half insane and half God"? What does she mean by this? Do you agree with her assessment of woman, whom she thinks to be driven by reason, caution, and self-preservation?


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Juana knows that when Kino said that he is a man, he meant that he was "half-insane and half-god" and knows as a woman that "the mountain would stand while the man broke himself; that the sea would surge while the man drowned in it." We have to look at this within a cultural context. Gender roles were specific in this very patriarchal culture. Juana would give her husband god-like attributes but at the same time she gives him the stubbornness and emotional ambivalence that the ancient god's possessed. It is problematic for us to cast judgment on her. This question, however, demands your opinion rather than mine.