The Pearl

Describe Kino’s character in this chapter? What did Juana feel about her husband? What did she try to do about that?

The pearl chapter 4

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I don't think that Kino has changed too much at this point. He wants to sell the Pearl but is confused about the best way to go about it. The self-interest and simplistic ways of his neighbours confound him even further. His good fortune is not an easy thing to bear. Juana is a little scared I think. She sees her husband's desperation and knows this Pearl may not be such a good omen. Juana serves as the lone voice of reason, continuing to warn Kino of the disastrous consequences of the pearl. As Kino becomes more and more consumed by his paranoia and impulses, it is Juana who remains maintains a realistic appraisal of the effects of the pearl. For Juana, the pearl represents a great evil and suffering, a sharp change from the sense of hope and freedom that it originally symbolized. The irony of this situation is notable: the pearl that would secure prosperity and stability for Kino and Juana instead offers them only pain and danger.