The Outsiders

What page is an example of Sodapop bringing happiness and joy to the Greasers? (with page number plz!!! -- Thx!)

I have one example on page 136, "i made a happy whoop as I did a no-hands cartwheel off of the porch..." but I need one more for my Character Essay on Sodapop. THANKYOU!!

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Johnny and Pony are in the hospital for their heroic acts of saving the children from the burning church. The Greasers wait anxiously for word on Johnny. There are a number of reporters there. Sodapop helps relieve some of the tension by making the reporters laugh. He is clowning around, stealing their hats, and pretending to be a reporter himself, interviewing hospital staff. This is in Chapter 7. Page numbers are seldom the same from different publications. The Outsiders has been published many times! Just scan Chapter 7 and you will find it.

page 136 Sodapop does a backflip off porch Soda wasnt really that cute i thought DALLY (DALLAS) was HOTTTT!!!!!!!!!


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