The Outsiders

What happened in chapter 1 in the outsiders when the Convair pulls up to pony boy and the socs get out?

I need at least 8 events

This is in chapter 1 of the outsiders

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1) A red Corvair starts following Ponyboy.

2) Ponyboy starts sweating and getting scared.

3) Ponyboy is surrounded by Socs.

4) One of the Socs flips out a knife and asks if Ponyboy needs a haircut.

5) The Soc outs a knife to his throat, Ponyboy starts screaming.

6) A scuffle ensues, and Ponyboy is helped to his feet by Darry, his oldest brother.

7) The Greaser gang has chased away the Socs.

8) Sodapop, Ponyboy's other older brother, comforts him as he cries, and soon the whole gang comes back. They've chased the Socs away with rocks.