The Outsiders

The theme of friendship in chapter 4 of the Outsiders is very important. List 5 things from this chapter that are part of this theme.

Need to list 5 things.

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The common theme of friendship in this chapter, and the novel, is the close bond between Pony and Johnny. Consider the following:

-Both Boys stand their ground when the drunken Socs approach them.

-Johnny stabs Bob only because he feels his friend is being drowned.

-Both boys flee in a box car together rather than separating.

-There are some nice moments when the boys hide in the cold church. Pony reads to Johnny. They are both concerned for each others well being.

-Pony worries about Johnny when he goes to the store to get provisions

.they help each other at any course

.johnny stab bob for drowning pony

.pony went after johnny when johnny was inside the church in the fire

.johnny ran away with pony that means johnny will never ran away with somebody that is not hes real friend

.pony trust johnny when johnny was cutting his hair.


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