The Outsiders

On several pages, Pony tells Cherry about what happened to Johnny. What is the name of the literary device used to tell the story? Write a brief summary of the event.

What literary device?

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Cherry asks Ponyboy to come with her to get some popcorn. At the concession stand, she asks him about Johnny, and he describes to her how Johnny was jumped by the Socs. Ponyboy, Steve, and Soda were walking back from the gas station past the "wide, open field where we play football and hang out," when Steve noticed Johnny's jacket. It had a blood stain on it, and there were more stains across the grass; they then saw Johnny, "a dark motionless hump on the other side of the lot." Johnny had been beaten badly, and Ponyboy thought he might be dead. Two-bit, Darry, and Dally arrived, and Dally's reaction surprised Ponyboy: he "had seen people killed on the streets of New York's West Side. Why did he look sick now?" Johnny told them that he had been followed by a blue Mustang, and four Socs had jumped out and beaten him.

Cherry listens, and points out that "All Socs aren't like that." Ponyboy is skeptical at first, but she insists that "Things are rough all over." They go back and watch the rest of the movie with the others. Ponyboy thinks about girls in general, and how he and Johnny are both a little scared of them thanks to Two-bit's lectures.


That would be a flashback. Do you mean the event between Cherry and Pony or what happened to Johnny?

Pony tells Cherry about Johnny's mugging through the use of flashbacks.