The Outsiders

Do you have someone you can talk to you why do you think pony can talk to Cherry so openly if anyone else knew they talk like this do you think they would approve?

chapter 3&4

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The first part of the question definitely calls for your own answer...... do you have a friend you can talk to? Pony is able to talk to Cherry openly because she's understanding and genuinely cares about other people. She doesn't care where someone comes from, and she isn't looking for approval from those around her. 

As for the last part of your question, Cherry would definitely meet with disapproval from many of the people in her life. The people she hands out with have Socs mentality, her boyfriend is a member of the "opposing" group, and her parents may possibly have preconceived notions about what the Greasers are like based upon their ecomomic status, and they way they dress and act. 


The Outsiders