The Outsiders

answer plz all have to be for tomorrow

how do you know that cherry and ponyboy would both help one another when and if their assistance were needed?

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Ponyboy and Cherry have a bond in that they both really like and care about each other. They go beyond gangs and girlfriends..... loyalty and fights. They're both good people, and they both know that truly good people are a rarity.

I started to turn and walk off, but something in Cherry's face made me stop. I was ashamed--I can't stand to see girls cry. She wasn't crying, but she was close to it.

"I wasn't trying to give you charity, Ponyboy. I only wanted to help. I liked you from the start... the way you talked. You're a nice kid, Ponyboy. Do you realize how scarce nice kids are nowadays? Wouldn't you try to help me if you could?"

I would. I'd help her and Randy both, if I could.


The Outsiders