The Old Man and the Sea

The sight of the old mans torn hands makes Monolin cry, He declares to Santiago that he will join him from now on during his fishing trips. How have their roles changed? Who is now in charge of taking care of whom?

idk. Sorry for all the missed typed questions! It only allowed me to do a certain amount of letters, so I had to shorten the questions, none of them worked. please answer this question as soon as possible I have a project due tomorrow and I have ne question left! Thanks!

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In this small section, the relationship of the old man and Manolin reverses twice. In the first instance, Manolin discovers Santiago lying face down on his bed, and the sight of the old man's hands makes him cry. Manolin then goes on to take care of the old man like a father would care for his child.

For the second part of the question, the old man resumes his place as Manolin's teacher and role model. Unwilling to leave his mentor again, Manolin pledges himself to Santiago and goes against his father's wishes. They have a relationship built on complete loyalty, trust and love.


The Old Man and the Sea