The Old Man and the Sea

After the first shark hits, how hopeful is the old man about reaching shore with his fish relatively intact?

The Old Man and The Sea novel

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After the first shark hits, Santiago wishes he had never hooked the fish. He knows that others will follow.

β€œHe took about forty pounds,” the old man said aloud. He took my harpoon too

and all the rope, he thought, and now my fish bleeds again and there will be others. Hebdid not like to look at the fish anymore since he had been mutilated. When the fish had been hit it was as though he himself were hit. But I killed the shark that hit my fish, he thought. And he was the biggest dentuso that I have ever seen. And God knows that I have seen big ones. It was too good to last, he thought. I wish it had been a dream now and that I had never hooked the fish and was alone in bed on the newspapers."


The Old Man and the Sea