The Odyssey

What do you think and Ancients considered to be the preferable way to die based on the reading from book 1 to 6?

book 5-8

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Death in arms was considered to be the most honorable and noble way to die by the ancients in The Odyssey.

(Telemachos:) ‘I should not have sorrowed so over his dying if he had gone down among his companions in the land of the Trojans, or in the arms of his friends, after he had wound up the fighting. So all the Achaians would have heaped a grave mound over him, and he would have won great fame for himself and his son hereafter. But now ingloriously the stormwinds have caught and carried him away, out of sight, out of knowledge, and he left pain and lamentation to me.’ (Book One)


The Odyssey (Book One)